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Online Reporting Platform

Welcome to The University of the South Pacific's Online Reporting Platform (ORP).

The University of the South Pacific (USP) is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity, and accountability. It seeks to conduct its affairs in a responsible manner taking into account the requirements of the University and member country laws and regulations. It requires all members of the University community including the Council and its committees and persons and entities who provide the University with contracted services, to observe the highest standards of business and personal ethics in the performance of their duties on behalf of the University.

What is this platform for?

Welcome to The University of the South Pacific's Online Reporting Platform (ORP).

The ORP provides an easy, secure and state-of-the-art web reporting communication process that allows for direct reporting by users. All reportable events that meet the outlined criteria can be logged and reported via the ORP. The ORP consists of the following:

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1. The Whistleblowing Portal

Welcome to The University of the South Pacific's Online Whistleblower portal.

Whistleblower platform can be accessed by all employees and stakeholders (internal and external) who can come forward and confidentially report/disclose any fraudulent acts, unethical behavior, breaches of University Policies & Procedures committed by a person, USP employee , member of Management or SMT’s. It exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or an alleged wrongdoing.

Refer to the Whistleblowing Policy for more details.

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2. OHS Reporting Portal

The OHS Reporting Portal can be accessed by students, staff and visitors to report on any hazard that threatens their safety or security at any USP campus. The University is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its staff and students and the safety of others entering the precincts of the the university in all its member countries.

Refer to the UniSafety Online Hazard & Incident Reporting Form for OHS reporting.

Refer to the Occupational Health and Safety Policy for more details.